Quality free range Chickens & Bantams

About Chickens of Brum

Chickens of Brum is a small, family run business operating in Hollywood, South Birmingham. We have been nurturing and breeding chickens since 1996 and for 17 years in Birmingham.

For us, chickens are a source of great pleasure. They have very little needs and yet provide highly nutritious eggs that countless studies have established are massively superior to battery equivalents.

Urban chicken keeping is on the rise and that's not a surprise to us. As a society we care more about the food we put into our bodies as well as being more ethically concerned for the welfare of the animals that provide that food. As amateur and then professional chicken keepers ourselves, we've always found this a truly win-win situation. Happy birds - happy owners - healthier everyone!

We take great pride in looking after our birds and are passionate about affordable urban chicken keeping. We hope our enthusiasm will become obvious as you read through this site and it's something we'd like to pass on to others. We're here to give you advice and provide stock that will allow you to hatch gorgeous chickens of your very own!

So please, if in doubt, if you have any questions, if you're at all unsure - please contact us. We want to help.