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School Hatching Service

You're probably wondering eggs-actly what a School Hatching service is? Well, have you ever asked...

Ready-to-hatch eggs available for Schools

Hatching In The Classroom

Chickens of Brum School Hatching service is a fantastic way to engage children with nature in the school environment. The experience of hatching eggs in the classroom can support various areas of the curriculum, such as Science, English, and Maths as well as social and emotional development

Chickens of Brum provide everything you need to hatch chickens in your classroom.

We usually provide schools with an incubator and growing chicks in eggs around 5-6 days before hatching as well as a 'brooder,' a self-contained box with heat to keep the little ones safe. We provide feed and all the basic equipment you need.

As part of the package, we can come in and do an hour talk on The life of a chick which we pitch at the appropriate age (from songs to more formal talks).

We also offer a fun chick accreditation scheme once you have hatched and looked after your chicks successfully for 3 days.

Cost & Details

Our School hatching service is inclusive of all equipment for pre and post hatch. You'll receive 20 chicks (yet to hatch) and an educational chicken talk, all for just £275. We can take the chicks away or you can keep them - it’s up to you!

Visits to our chicken farm can also be arranged for educational purposes.

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