Quality free range Chickens & Bantams

Other Breeds

Whilst famed for our quality chickens, here at Chickens of Brum we sell other breeds of poultry. Here is some information about our main breeds. Please feel free to come and visit - just send us an e-mail or give us a ring first so we know to expect you.


These are very small, stocky birds- occasionally found in the wild. They are ideal for any size of garden as they are best housed in a rabbit hutch or aviary and do not need fresh grass. They lay, delicious, creamy eggs- often around 240 a year. There eggs are speckled. Given that 12 quail eggs typically cost £2.75, a quail is a bargain at £12. They are low maintenance. They are usually quite flighty but we handle ours a lot, so they are pretty calm around people. They belong to the pheasant family.


We keep a small number of Bourbon Red turkeys which are a very distinctive breed with reddish plumage.

Originally from ‘Bourbon’ in Kentucky, America, their eggs are seen as something of a delicacy and are very popular in the US. These eggs are quite rare because turkeys only lay 1 or 2 eggs a week compared to 5 or 6 with a chicken.


We sell Khaki Campbell ducks which are a British breed originating in Gloucestershire. They were discovered by breeding a runner duck with a mallard, producing a slightly upright duck. Known for being friendly and quiet by nature. they are prolific egg layers and generally lay 250 eggs a year.