Quality free range Chickens & Bantams

Types of Chicken

Here at Chickens of Brum, we sell a wide range of poultry. Here is some information about our main breeds. Please feel free to come and visit - just send us an e-mail or give us a ring first so we know to expect you.


These are bantams which is basically a small chicken - perfect for smaller spaces. They are an old breed dating back to the 1700's.

We specialise in lavender Pekins, a lighter shade of the blue Pekins and also white Pekins. They are easily identified as they have furry feet and a generally 'fluffy' appearance that has been compared to a cloud! Their bodies are quite low and they lay about 4 small white eggs a week. They are tame, docile birds and are good to handle and great for kids. They also regularly go broody if you want to hatch you own baby chicks.


A great British bird in origin, they are known as 'utility birds'- good for eggs (about 5 medium size a week), good for meat and good for sitting on eggs and hatching them. The Light Sussex are identified by their white body with black collars and black tips on their wings, whilst the Silver Sussex, one of the original Sussex colours, are identified by a smart white breast and silver collar. They are an attractive, straightforward breed that tend to be hardy. A popular breed throughout the UK.


The Polish chicken is known to be quite a spectacular, ornamental breed. Polish chickens allegedly were first bred by the King of Poland in the 1600s! They are well known for their impressive crest and characterised for being fun and friendly – a chicken with a personality. We breed and sell black Polish and chamois Polish


Fluffy and cloudlike in appearance, Silkies’ feathers feel like silk. These gorgeous chickens thrive best in pens with some shelter as they don’t like extremes of weather. They make wonderful mothers and their hatch rates are often superb. We specialise in breeding white Silkies.


Less glamorous but highly effective! These chickens lay prolifically, usually 6 times a week, most of the year round. They are popular on commercial farms for their relentless pursuit of egg laying. There eggs are a lovely brown colour. Despite being a bit more 'run of the mill' we find them to have quite distinct personalities.