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Freerange Turkeys for Sale Birmingham

Chickens of Brum stock Freerange Turkeys for Sale.

We have a small number of Bourbon Red turkeys, made distinctive by their reddish plumage. Originally from ‘Bourbon’ in Kentucky, they lay massive eggs (around 60% larger than a chicken egg!) that tastes very similar to a free range chicken egg.

Turkey eggs are seen as something of a delicacy and are very popular in the US. They are quite rare because turkeys only lay 1 or 2 eggs a week compared to 5 or 6 with a chicken.

Our Bourbon Red turkeys always roam freely on spacious grassland, unlike a majority of the turkeys that you buy in the supermarket that are usually kept indoors. Wherever possible, they eat organically and are nurtured carefully by the whole family.

We take orders from September onwards for Christmas Turkeys. Our free range turkeys live very well and are killed at a local butchery (within 5 miles of the field) in a humane way.

We have a small number to sell for breeders or those wanting to keep turkeys.


Our Turkeys are typically 5kg in weight and feed 8-10 people, we can deliver your fresh turkey to you at a time of your convenience. The cost per Christmas Turkey is £68.

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