Quality free range Chickens & Bantams

Freerange Chickens for Sale Birmingham

Chickens of Brum stock a a wide range of poultry and have Freerange Chickens for Sale.

We have various types of Chickens and all make great pets as well as provide a wonderful, free source of nutritious eggs.

Urban chicken keeping is becoming ever more popular and you'll quickly discover why when you open your garden to these fabulous birds.

All of our birds are free range with plenty of access to grass and are vaccinated against common chicken illnesses such as Marek’s disease.

Getting Started?

We will be very glad to provide you with the necessary information you need as well as starter packs which includes feed, grit, water feeders and housing if needed.


All bantams and chickens are just £25 each. Hatching eggs are £5 per half dozen. Different breeds have differing temperaments, appearance and even egg colour, as well as the number of eggs you can expect them to produce. We're happy to help advise you as best we can. Please contact us now for more information.